Prior to working with C-Level, the vast majority of my company’s business was based on relationships with American and South Korean companies. Today, more than 1/3 of my business is generated through relationships with companies headquartered in China and Japan. Previously unimaginable expansion made possible through the actionable guidance and understanding of cross-cultural subtleties of Mr. Marlow.

A.S., - 2012/13. Southern California. US Company.

Marlow has seen it and done it. He fully understands the complexities of my situation, and is my first call when I need to bounce ideas off a voice of experience. He's helping me succeed, and helping me deliver success to my company.

S.P., 2014/15 Illinois. Japanese Company.


Y.Z., 2014/15 Germany. German Company.

With the support of C-Level, I have effectively transitioned from working for an American company to succeeding in a South Korean company. Marlow’s approach helped reduce learning curve distractions with a laser focus on values and contributions.

P.F., 2013/14 Southern California. South Korean Company.