Accelerate Effectiveness & Contribution.

When You Need To:

    • Adapt quickly to a new executive position
    • Assimilate a newly hired or transferred executive
    • Develop a platform to launch personal success
    • Engage employees in company strategies and initiatives
    • Establish an overseas subsidiary, in the USA
    • Improve performance of a subsidiary in the USA


C-Level Scenarios® Can Assist You

C-Level will provide you with highly-personalized Actionable, Relevant and Timely counsel.

Leveraging the proven framework of our proprietary ALPS® methodology, we will focus on the context of your unique scenario to accelerate performance and goal achievement.

Accelerating Executive Effectiveness

C-Level provides highly-personalized, one-on-one access, guidance and support to all our clients.

  • The Individual Client coaching is focused on factors and approaches the will lead to personal success.
  • The Corporate Client coaching is oriented towards the executive’s assimilation and contribution towards organizational achievements.

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Each client’s scenario is unique, and as a result we develop an engagement model to best suit their specific needs. Engagement options cover the spectrum from “on-site support”, to “pre-defined meeting schedules,” to “hot-line” access.

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Accelerating Company Momentum

C-Level's ALPS® methodology is well-suited, as a framework and discipline, to challenge and assess company strategies, activities, initiatives and plans.

Utilizing this process, and relying on substantial and broad experience, C-Level can support clients with more traditional business consulting services including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational and Organizational Analysis
  • Project Assessment

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C-Level ALPS® Methodology

Alps are great mountain ranges. Impressive, as they dominate the surrounding geography. Successful executives are like alps in that their presence impacts and influences those around them.

At C-Level, we use ALPS as an acronym defining our proprietary methodology. ALPS stands for: Align ... Lead ... Perform ... Sustain. And the linchpin tying the methodology together is Communication.

  • Executives recognize that ensuring appropriate focus and visibility is necessary for upward mobility.
  • Companies understand that onboarding a newly hired or assigned executive is complex, and fraught with strategic, tactical, financial and even political risk.

ALPS provides an integrated framework that helps eliminate “noise” and enables the executive to focus clearly and quickly on lanes that contribute to effectiveness and performance.

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C-Level ALPS<sup>®</sup> Methodology

Client Testimonials

“ … unimaginable expansion made possible … ”
“… ability to translate modern management theory into relevant practical scenarios, in a multicultural setting ...”
“… direct counsel has been invaluable. “
“… reduce learning curve distractions with a laser focus on values and contributions.”

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