Alignment directly enables Momentum.

ALPS helps accelerate progress towards a company or department objective by ensuring that all employees work together towards the objective, through the process of Alignment.

Professor Nick Beech, of the London School of Business and Finance, suggests that Strategic Alignment is a process to:

  • Ensure that personnel, products, processes and systems support your business or organizational goals.
  • Better plan to meet your goals by using resources.
  • Be supported by complex methodologies that weigh and score elements.

While these statements are correct, they only speak to internal perspectives, and therefore they inadequately describe the true potential and power of alignment.

Our research concludes that the most effective alignment is realized when both internal and external contexts are considered, from both vertical and horizontal perspectives, and the findings are developed and presented in an easily understood and actionable format.

C-Level’s goal is to ensure that our clients understand strategic and tactical alignment, and embrace its simplified and practical application. Utilizing our proprietary tool—the Alignment Matrix—our clients can quickly identify critical alignment gaps, as well as opposing activities.

When the Alignment Matrix has been resolved, companies will have defined the steps necessary to fully engage resources and assets, in support of key strategies and initiatives.

Maximum momentum towards an objective will be achieved when all related organizations, departments and employees, both internal and external, are aligned.

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