The purpose of Leadership…is Engagement.

ALPS provides executives with practical guidelines that will enhance their effectiveness as corporate leaders.

A leading management “thinker” on Leadership, Professor Warren Bennis (USC), suggests that successful leaders “paid attention to what was going on, determined what part of the events at hand would be important for the future of the organization, set a new direction, and concentrated the attention of everyone in the organization on it.”

Bennis recognized that employee Engagement is the underpinning factor, and Engagement is achieved through Communication.

  • Whether dealing with external of internal audiences, addressing crises or operating performance, admired Leaders are visible, accessible and transparent; and their communications are frequent, clear and consistent.

Gallup’s employee engagement survey states that employees are split into three categories: engaged, not engaged, and actively disengaged.

  • Nationwide, Gallup finds that about a quarter of employees are engaged and about 20 percent are actively disengaged. That leaves more than half of the employees on the fence, neither engaged nor disengaged.

Today’s corporate leaders struggle with defining the most relevant communication content, context, and frequency, in order to increase employee engagement. This is especially difficult in a multinational corporate environment.

C-Level’s Engagement Model, overlaying the ALPS methodology, can provide executives with actionable guidance.


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