What gets measured gets done.

ALPS helps executives identify, and focus on, the important measures defining performance.

It is not important to know whether Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Edwards Deming, or Lord Kelvin is responsible for the saying above – it has been attributed to them all. What is important is to understand its’ undeniable truth.

Dr. Behn of Harvard University suggests that performance measures should be used “to evaluate, control, budget, motivate, promote, celebrate, learn, and improve.” While we completely agree with Dr. Behn’s conclusion, our experience with real-world application shows that too often it has become too easy, to measure too much, in ways that are too complex … even to the point of interfering with action and performance.

Only what’s truly important should get measured. Performance measures should be well understood, including the “what”, the “why” and the “how”, with clear linkage from Corporate goals, through organizational and departmental objectives, to individual roles, responsibilities, MBO’s and rewards.

ALPS and the Performance Wheel provide perspectives to help effectively identify the most meaningful and critical measures to drive employee performance, at all levels. When employees perform, the business performs.

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